Freelance Engineer/Producer, San Francisco <-> 1982-1984

Worked with local bands in various studios, including Prairie Sun, Different Fur, Tom Mallon Recording. Designed and operated computer based recording studio, pre-MIDI.

Cold Storage Studios, London, England <-> 1985-1988

Staff Engineer/Studio Manager

Responsible for all operations of busy recording facility, including finances, advertising, management of in-house engineers and maintenance. Upgraded studio to 24 track.

Freelance Engineer/Producer, London, England <-> 1985-1989

Clients included BBC Television, Boy George, Robert Plant, The Mekons. Worked in studios such as SARM West, Battery, Power Plant, Olympic, Townhouse I & II.

Freelance Live Sound Engineer, Tour Manager <-> 1987-1990

Toured in Europe with Test Department, 23 Skidoo, Sprung Aus Den Wolken . Arranged performances for Diamanda Galas worldwide tour, including appearances at Lincoln Center and Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Technical Talent, New York, NY <-> 1989-1995


Managed engineers and programmers in NYC studios; established an in-house production facility, composing for labels, agencies and networks, including VH-1, ESPN, E! and MTV.

Freelance Engineer/Producer, New York, NY <-> 1989-1995

Clients included C&C Music Factory, Donna Summer, Crystal Waters; worked in studios such as Unique, Platinum Island, Skyline, Soundtrack, Battery, D&D, Calliope, Hit Factory, and Sorcerer.

Interface Productions, New York, NY <-> 1991-1993

Chief Engineer

Responsible for all aspects of recording, including training and management of staff, coordination of outside engineers, development of in-house productions, equipment purchase and maintenance.

Spike Recording, New York, NY <-> 1993-1995

Chief Engineer/Studio Manager

Directed transition of private recording facility into a commercial studio, developed client base, supervised maintenance and staff. Responsible for all financial and technical operations.

Technical Talent, Los Angeles, CA <-> 1995-1997

Relocated to fulfill album deal for Zoo Entertainment (BMG), promoted material across the US. Completed compositions for ABC, E!, ESPN, and Lifetime.

Technical Talent, Oakland, CA <-> 1997-2012

Relocated to apply traditional media skills and experience to the growing new media market. Completed compositions for Adobe, Altera, Apple, Oracle, Sony, Sun. Launched in 1999.